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    Apollo’s goal is to help you improve patient outcomes. Here are some examples of how Apollo supports telepathology and telemedicine.

    Health Authority

    Fraser Health Authority (FHA) delivers acute care
    services through 12 hospitals distributed across a wide geography. Four
    centralized pathology service centers process specimens sent by providers at
    the other eight acute care hospitals, as well as physician offices.

    Fraser implemented Apollo for its
    telepathology project. The scope of the project is focused on supporting
    digital imaging to provide a solution for the remote diagnosis of
    intraoperative consultations, decreasing the amount of inter-hospital travel.
    The business objective is to utilize telepathology in process integration into
    Anatomic Pathology, Hematology and Microbiology as part of Fraser’s strategic
    eHealth initiative.

    In order to provide frozen section
    tissue interpretation for intraoperative consultations, pathologists based at
    Royal Columbian Hospital would have to drive to one of four possible surgery
    locations, which could take as long as one hour. Whereas this transportation
    lag time is acceptable for routine specimen analysis, faster diagnosis must be
    accomplished during surgery.

    Fraser Health implemented a
    comprehensive system from Apollo in order to enable location-independent
    digital pathology. Apollo’s solution enables a pathologist at a FHA network
    computer to view live video of gross tissue specimens and scanned whole slide
    microscopic images to make a preliminary diagnosis from a remote location. For
    remote gross specimen analysis and dissection, a centralized pathologist
    interacts with an onsite Histotechnologist verbally via the telephone and
    visually via live video imaging.

    Cross-Jurisdictional Telepathology Project

    A large regional cross jurisdictional
    telepathology project to support
    pathology consults and conference.  The project successfully implemented a telepathology network that
    connected remote sites to urban centers with access to whole slide scan images,
    microscopic and gross images, and supporting back matter documents.

    Digital Pathology Network

    solution is used by a large national network of hospitals to provide
    conferences, remote secondary consults, education, rounds and tumor boards
    utilizing a number of imaging devices including whole slide scanners, robotic
    microscopes with streaming video, gross imaging and streaming video.

    arccMobile and Asynchronous Telemedicine

    arccMobile application allows clinicians to capture photos, videos, and audio
    clips of patients and have them linked to the patient’s EMR record.
    Clinicians can be notified of the pending status for an encounter. The app
    is available for both Android and iOS and supports “unsolicited” orders so no
    prior order needs to be entered into the EMR or other system. The solution can
    be configured to support direct patient upload of photos, videos, and audio
    clips supporting asynchronous telemedicine.

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