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    Apollo’s enterprise imaging solution, arcc®, enables encounters-based workflow for point of care ultrasound (POCUS) imaging, previously only an orders-based process.

    Once deployed in your enterprise, Apollo’s arcc enables encounter-based workflows for POCUS, streamlining emergency room and other point of care workflows. While traditional ultrasound imaging is conducted in an orders-based system, emergency departments work under different criteria and cannot afford to wait.

    POCUSchest ex
    Encounter-based POCUS

    A patient presenting in the emergency department where the doctor recognizes the need for POCUS as soon as possible falls into an encounter-based workflow, which obviously works well in critical situations. POCUS procedures in this situation do not have a pre-written physician order that typically is used to start the imaging workflow. Work is done on the fly. The ultrasound technician completes the scan and then the images are associated with the patient there at the point of care.

    arcc workflow for POCUS images

    arcc Enables Encounter-Based Workflows for POCUS Providing Value Across the Healthcare Enterprise.

    Realize Benefits with
    NO Clinical Workflow Changes.

    You can expect better flow of revenue when you integrate arcc in your organization. Correct imaging documentation with Apollo’s solution enables a new revenue stream, allowing you to bill for encounter-based images. Without proper imaging documentation, health systems cannot request reimbursement for these POCUS procedures from payors.

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