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    A Letter to Our Customers

    We know
    that with the complex and ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak, you are concerned
    about protecting the health of your patients and your employees. Serving
    patients is a privilege, and we recognize our responsibility as a software as a
    medical device manufacturer to support the medical community. We are focused on
    partnering with you to continue your business as close to as usual as is

     We remain
    fully operational and committed to providing our clients with the services they
    have come to expect and deserve. Apollo’s employees and clients are our number
    one priority, and everyone’s well-being is of highest importance. Apollo has a
    comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan in place that we are
    executing accordingly.

    Apollo, our efforts to provide you with exceptional service continues and our
    offices remain open. We recognize that this is a rapidly changing situation and
    have contingency plans in place to prevent any disruption of our services. In
    the event of an office closure, we are prepared to maintain our services
    remotely and will communicate with you accordingly.

    • Our service team remains accessible and prepared to assist you
    • While in-person meetings may be limited, our teams will continue to use technology that allows for live remote interaction when necessary

    As you are adapting to
    the ever-changing situation, the Apollo Enterprise Imaging solution platform
    can support many different clinical multimedia activities including

    Apollo representative is available to answer questions or provide additional
    support as needed. Please also feel free to call us at 703-288-1474 x7 and
    speak with one of our support representatives. We hope that you and your
    employees remain safe during this time.



    & CEO

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