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    Intuitive Specialty-Specific Workflows with Point of Care Image Acquisition


    Enable all image-generating specialties to be part of your enterprise imaging strategy with Apollo arcc®

    Apollo arccClinical™ is a single, secure solution that aligns all clinical departments with the enterprise imaging strategy by focusing on clinical workflows and providing interoperability and connectivity so that every department throughout the entire enterprise can acquire, manage, and securely access all clinical content.

    arccClinical™ provides both orders- and encounters-based workflows and modules for more than 45 specialty-specific departments across the healthcare enterprise.  This enables every department throughout the enterprise to acquire, manage, and securely access all clinical content. It provides the ability to integrate directly to non-DICOM modality devices and ensure the assignment of metadata with relevance and accuracy.

    arcc® is the industry’s only mature enterprise imaging solution that provides direct device integration, clinical content management, reporting, custom workflow engine and advanced unstructured data technologies that help our partners fulfill their Enterprise Imaging strategy.

    Apollo combines the patient clinical content from multiple specialties and physical devices within a healthcare institution to create a holistic longitudinal view of the entire patient. This image-enables the patient record and the EMR.

    Providing Clinicians with a Holistic Longitudinal View of their Patients’ Health Data across the Entire Enterprise

    Enterprise-Wide Interoperability

    arccClinical™ extends throughout the continuum of care using standards-based connectivity to link the clinical department, the enterprise, the community, and the patient. arccClinical is specifically designed to be used in any clinical specialty with full integration to the EMR and EMR-driven workflows

    Point of Care image capture

    arccClinical™ provides department specific workflows that enable clinicians to capture clinical images at the point of care and include important metadata, providing unstructured data with structured data capabilities. Standard interfaces to over 100 clinical modality devices to acquire patient images. Single point of interfacing with image capture devices across multiple specialties, reducing IT overhead.

    Goes Beyond HIPAA Compliance

    arccClinical™ provides tools to enable compliance with “Chain of Custody” requirements, data protection and image-level security. Additional security to lock-down images in the patient record and selective publication to the EMR.

    Disease Tracking

    arccClinical™ provides tools to select clinical content to be added to a Disease Tracking library for the patient. Monitor wound care healing progress or track a malignant mole over time.

    Universal viewer

    An enhanced universal viewer to view and manage clinical images from all modalities side by side at the same time within a user’s clinical context, such as a Radiology CT scan side-by-side with a Pathology whole slide scan.

    Research& education support

    Reduced prep time for tumor boards and presentations, reducing the collating of patient records. Anonymized images from your institution can be categorized by disease, diagnosis, or other classification. Residents, students and others can search and query for different cases. 

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