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    when it comes to children, it's a different picture

    Clinical pictures and images of children place a unique burden on clinicians and information management & technology professionals.

    SCAN children clinical images
    Beyond standard x-rays, children’s healthcare organizations must securely manage images obtained for cases of suspected child abuse, neglect and assault (SCAN).  Beyond the walls of your hospital(s) and clinics, these tools ensure the quick and secure collaboration with community agencies thus speeding and improving SCAN patient care for the healthcare organization. arcc® also provides a comprehensive, role-based security schema to ensure patient safety and privacy. This enables physicians to “lock down” a case or even specific image.

    Apollo arcc® for SCAN

    Enables HIPAA & Chain of Custody Compliance

    Securely includes all documented images, video, photos, notes, x-rays, drawings, etc.

    Enables secure and timely transmission of images with community agencies and law enforcement

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