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Our Mission is to affect real change for clinicians and patients by enabling “Better Care Through Pictures.” We accomplish this by providing our customers with an advanced user experience with the arcc® platform: a suite of innovative applications supporting clinical workflows and IT management. We continue to look at [re]defining the VNA, focusing on the next generation of patient care and collaboration tools. We develop our solutions for our customers’ individual needs; while supporting their efforts to address the growing demand and turbulent healthcare market

We Build Relationships
[Re]defining the VNA

Making a Difference

Apollo focuses on developing innovations that are transforming the Enterprise Imaging landscape into a strategic healthcare enterprise resource. Using Apollo’s solutions, healthcare providers can ensure patient safety and clinical content interoperability. Our forward-thinking solutions have been developed from the perspective of the clinical departments’ and patients’ needs for a real-time healthcare solution. We have bridged the gap that has existed between the clinical specialties in an organization by providing a comprehensive enterprise imaging platform goals of the overall Enterprise Imaging strategy. 

Why Choose Apollo?

First and foremost, we focus on you, our customer.  We partner with our customers to deliver solutions for our customers first, and then the market. We empower our customers to deliver a real-time health system environment for clinicians and patients. What we offer is a new fresh and cutting-edge client-vendor partnership. Our revolutionary software solution empowers healthcare organizations to incorporate an Enterprise Imaging Strategy that significantly and positively impacts the patient continuum of care. Healthcare transformation starts with all of us working together.

A Few Words

About Us

We are a Parter in Healthcare

Our belief is in the support and advancement of patient care, safety and outcomes. A true partnership is one that provides a beneficial outcome to all parties, it is not unilateral. Here at Apollo we believe in the voice and needs of our customers. And with that, we will build and deliver what our customers need first, and then what the overall market needs. One size DOES NOT fit all. Looking to tomorrow while delivering today, we have developed all the necessary tools, integrations and technologies required to help advance patient care and collaboration.  

Apollo holds MDSAP and ISO 13485 certifications for quality management systems bringing confidence to our customers that Apollo solutions are developed under stringent standards of quality.

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Our History

Apollo is a healthcare IT company with a reputation for delivering quality Enterprise Imaging solutions that address both clinical multimedia workflow management needs and vendor neutral storage requirements.

Founded in 1993, Apollo was a recognized leader in telepathology, holding exclusive licenses on two patents that cover any system or method utilizing a remote controlled robotics microscope to make a pathology diagnosis. In 2006, Apollo’s management addressed the need for a comprehensive PACS solution for digital pathology with PathPACS®. As the premier provider of cutting edge Pathology PACS, Apollo enabled laboratory healthcare professionals to service patients quickly, adeptly, and efficiently.

In 2009, Apollo introduced Apollo EPMM® (Enterprise Patient Multimedia Manager), an enterprise solution that provides clinical workflow and secure access and management of all clinical multimedia content across the enterprise. Apollo EPMM brought a clinically-built and -focused Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution to the market.

At RSNA 2017, Apollo launched its next generation VNA and clinical application suite, arcc.  arcc is an industry-leading, holistic enterprise imaging and management solution. The arcc (Apollo repository for clinical content) solution provides the clinical workflow for secure access and management of all clinical multimedia content across the enterprise. Apollo solutions continue to assist clinicians in the delivery of quality healthcare services to patients at leading academic centers, regional medical networks, commercial laboratories, and community hospitals throughout the US and Canada.

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