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    Secure, Cost-effective, Cloud-based Multidisciplinary Medical Imaging Platform

    scalable multidisciplinary access

    arccCloud enables multi-disciplinary access to all necessary imaging from anywhere at any time

    Single Pane of Glass Viewing

    As a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary medical imaging platform for collaboration, arccCloud, establishes a consistently comprehensive patient profile across all medical specialties
    See it in Action

    Apollo’s multi-disciplinary medical imaging platform deployed on AWS, arccCloud, delivers cost-effective, scalable multi-disciplinary access to patient images for collaboration, care planning, tumor boards, and viewing across the continuum of care. arccCloud speeds access to medical imaging in addition to providing ROI for storage and IT cost reductions.

    Multiple imaging technologies can create data silos

    Within a health system, siloed data and incomplete records can delay treatment, create communications gaps, and make it difficult to access multiple image sources. 

    Apollo provides a unified, solution that eliminates data silos, speeds access to images, and provides storage efficiencies

    arcc provides multidisciplinary access via a single system enabling viewing of all imaging on a single pane of glass, a single architecture for storage, and a single set of connections to the EHR that ensures complete data integration throughout a health system.

    Apollo’s secure platform, arcc, integrating AWS best-in-class underlying cloud infrastructure, provides the following benefits:

    Apollo is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program member. AWS brings easily scalable benefits in cost-saving hosting, storage, and security technologies. Apollo currently uses more than half a dozen AWS products and services, including EC2, S3, and most recently AWS HealthImaging. Leveraging these, Apollo is helping healthcare organizations unlock siloed data, achieve interoperability, and enable authorized user access from anywhere and on any device to fulfill their enterprise imaging strategies.

    An example architecture of arccCloud deployed on AWS is shown here.

    arccCloud on AWS

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