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    Enterprise Imaging Platform Powering True Interoperability and Eliminating Silos of Data


    The core of your Enterprise Imaging Strategy

     At the core of the Enterprise Imaging Strategy is the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). The VNA needs to be more than just a clinical archive. It must provide a full enterprise workflow solution, promote interoperability and exchange, and deliver state-of-the-art analytics and intelligence to all clinical departments across the healthcare enterprise.

    arcc clinical images vna workflow
    arcc® is the core to your enterprise imaging strategy delivering more than a VNA.

    arccCore™ is a clinical content repository and management solution that incorporates VNA functionality, enterprise imaging management console, enterprise imaging tools, IT technologies, advanced security and reporting, clinical analytics, storage management, and much more.

    arccCore™  provides an advanced administrative module that streamlines management of storage, security and clinical data with drag-and-drop live tiles.

    Advanced storage management

    Storage management advancements that provide an organizational unit (OU) based approach that allows arcc’s VNA capabilities to be deployed in exact alignment to the enterprise business structure. Manage all storage and clinical content from a single interface.

    Enterprise-Wide access to Clinical DATA silos

    arccCore™ links and preserves legacy systems, transforming previously inaccessible files from silos into useful secure data that is simple to access, manage, and share. In addition, arcc® enables storage and management of the original image in its native format.

    Centralized storage

    arccCore™ enables your IT department to manage all storage and clinical content from a single interface. Create storage tiers based on performance needs, data needs, content needs, user needs and more. Achieve operational efficiencies with clinical image lifecycle managment tools.

    Secure Role-Based access

    arccCore™ provides comprehensive audit trail monitoring and reports. Role-based security to prevent unauthorized access to each item in the VNA and accidental release of patient data. A security structure that supports evidentiary rules and can be used for SCAN, SANE, or Forensic autopsy.

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