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    Apollo Enterprise Imaging

    Apollo Repository for Clinical Content


    More than a VNA: Enterprise Imaging at its best

    acquisition of all clinical content,
    from every image Generating Specialty,
    into the Enterprise Imaging Repository

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    Point of Care Ultrasound

    arcc® enables encounter-based workflows for traditional orders‐based Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), streamlining ER workflows. In the ER, there is not time to wait. This encounters‐based environment requires encounters-based POCUS. Apollo bridges the gap between orders‐ and encounters‐based workflows providing a strategy to manage POCUS images

    POCUSchest ex

    When It Comes to Children, It's a different Picture.

    See how arcc® brings pediatric-specific tools, workflows and solutions to Children’s Hospitals. Our in-depth understanding of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) contributed to our development of sensitive imaging and workflows. We continue to work with leaders in the children’s hospital space to develop more pediatric-specific tools and solutions.
    “Implementing Apollo arcc enables us to provide a truly patient-centric view for every specialist and provider across our large healthcare enterprise"
    John "Rick" LeMoine, MD
    CMIO, Sharp HealthCare
    “The capability to manage all clinical images with one solution makes arcc a one-stop shop. arcc is helping all doctors who use images in patient care to improve documentation enterprise wide.”
    Jeff Lyons
    Director, Clinical Ancillary Systems, Information Technology, Phoenix Children’s Hospital​
    "Apollo arcc enables HFHS to manage clinical images and related data across specialties without impacting the way the clinicians work. The result is a better integrated clinical team while reducing risk to improve patient outcomes at a lower cost."
    J. Mark Tuthill, MD
    Division Head, Pathology Informatics, Henry Ford Health System

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