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    The Power of Managing

    Unstructured Clinical Data

    Healthcare providers need an adaptable, collaborative strategy to manage and share all clinical imaging content across the enterprise. That strategy is crucial when it comes to managing unstructured data, the largest portion of the comprehensive health record.

    See how a traditional clinical imaging data solution compares to one that goes beyond archiving and silo consolidation to improve:


    Clinical Outcomes

    Patient Safety

    Patient Satisfaction

    Traditional Clinical Imaging Solutions

    Provides Only Structured Data Capabilities

    Manage ONLY structured (DICOM) data without addressing unstructured data.


    Apollo arcc®

    Provides an Adaptable All-Data Solution

    Through its unique capability to assign metadata to unstructured (non-DICOM) data, arcc allows the acquisition of ALL DATA—STRUCTURED AND UNSTRUCTURED.

    Creates Organizational Silos

    Traditional data solutions are only departmental solutions when needed enterprise-wide capabilities are missing.


    Empowers Enterprise-Wide Interoperability

    arcc uses connectivity to link clinical departments, the enterprise, the community and the patient through real-time data sharing.

    Limits Direct Device Integration

    Few vendors support direct device integration, and the few that do only support a handful of devices.


    Allows Direct Integration to More Than 100 Devices

    And arcc provides automated workflows, quality assurance/quality control and the ability to provide structure to unstructured data within the clinical workflow— while delivering the efficiencies clinicians embrace.

    Triggers Compliance Risks

    Most organizations have a difficult time knowing if all non-DICOM clinical content is secure, backed up or part of the enterprise IT management solution.


    Goes Beyond HIPAA Compliance

    arcc provides tools to enable compliance with “chain of custody” requirements.*

    The arcc Value

    Care Collaboration

    High-quality images in real time to enhance clinical decisions and speed up care delivery

    Time Saving, Cost Saving

    One single solution that enables each specialty department to acquire and manage unstructured data, and streamline clinician workflows


    Just one system for IT to manage makes arcc the choice for efficiency

    Enterprise Imaging is more than radiology and cardiology; it is more than just storing clinical multimedia: it is the management and interoperability of all clinical multimedia throughout the healthy system enabling a real-time health system solution.


    Turn to the enterprise imaging strategy that does more. Read the case study now.  For 25 years, Apollo has successfully provided clinical image management and workflow solutions to healthcare organizations, enabling safe and secure enterprise-wide access to clinical multimedia. Apollo is redefining VNA capabilities with its enhanced enterprise imaging solution, arcc®. As the Apollo Repository for Clinical Content, arcc provides a holistic longitudinal view of all patient data. At its core, arcc is a VNA that goes beyond imaging and archiving to improve clinical workflows, interoperability and connectivity so every department throughout the entire enterprise can acquire, manage and securely access all clinical content.

    *Apollo arcc enables HIPAA and jurisprudence compliance. arcc’s comprehensive audit trails can assist in documenting the chain of custody for the images when needed and provide them as part of the legal health record. In addition, arcc utilizes encryption technologies for data at rest, in transit and at presentation.

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