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    arcc for Pathology

    Experts in Digital Pathology

    Apollo is a Global Leader in Digital Pathology and Telepathology

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    Is your Pathology Department seeking a solution that is easily adoptable to maximize your departmental workflow and create a greater overall value for your institution?

    If so, Apollo can be the pathway for experiencing many of the valuable benefits digital pathology can provide you, your colleagues, and above all else your patients.  

    As a powerful tool of Apollo’s enterprise imaging solution Apollo’s clinical module, arccClinical™ for Pathology, offers a comprehensive digital and telepathology solution designed to meet the most challenging requirements for managing a wide spectrum of digital clinical imaging content and information in today’s laboratory environment.

    arcc® is vendor agnostic and works with all major whole slide image scanners, microscope cameras, grossing cameras, electron microscopes, autopsy cameras, and many other laboratory imaging devices such as Faxitron, Immunofluorescence, flow cytometry.

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    Apollo arccClinical™ enables a pathologist to stream high resolution video of the slide through the eyepiece live, allowing the pathologist to share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues and provide remote access to other pathologists at other facilities. By providing cost effective, high quality video via remote access, arccClinical™’s universal viewer enables laboratories to extend their service area without having to travel.  Pathologists can collaborate quickly and easily, increasing the timeliness and quality of diagnosis.

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