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    whats your enterprise imaging strategy?

    What’s your Enterprise Imaging Strategy?

    Does it address enterprise-wide viewing, sharing, access and management of all clinical multimedia objects (i.e., images, pictures, video, voice, documents), not just radiology and cardiology?

    An effective Enterprise Imaging strategy must:

    1. Address the clinical workflow of capture, view, edit, annotate, management and storage of ANY image/video needed to diagnose, treat and document a patient’s condition
    2. Identify common capabilities that can be centrally managed across all specialties
    3. Be vendor neutral, support centralized archiving and hardware agnostic
    4. Integrate disparate departmental imaging strategies into a single unified enterprise imaging approach
    5. Include clinical workflows for each type of clinical content that maximize clinician productivity.
    6. Be maximized for adaptability and able to preserve legacy investments
    7. Include EMR integration

    Consider how you can answer these questions with your current Enterprise Imaging (EI) Strategy:

    • How do you plan to address the specialty specific workflows and policies?
    • What is your methodology for integrating directly to non-DICOM based, unstructured, un-unified devices?
    • What is your IT plan for managing a single Enterprise Imaging Solution? What tools do you have that are EI IT specific tools?
    • How are you addressing PHI security and chain of custody for sensitive cases?
    • How is your EI Strategy going to assist improving patient outcomes?
    • How is your EI Strategy going to assist improving Physician Satisfaction?
    • How is your EI strategy going to reduce patient encounters times?
    • How is your EI solution going to integrate with emerging technologies and solutions?

    Apollo is [re]defining the capabilities of the VNA with its enhanced Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc™. As the autonomous repository for clinical content, arcc provides a holistic longitudinal view of all patient data throughout the entire care continuum. At its core, arcc is a VNA that aligns all clinical departments with a health system’s enterprise imaging strategy. Apollo’s arcc offers today’s healthcare providers a holistic VNA solution that is flexible enough to work with any current PACS, and strong enough to sustain your organization as it grows. The arcc solution goes beyond imaging and archiving, it focuses on clinical workflows and providing interoperability and connectivity so that every department throughout the entire enterprise can acquire, manage, and securely access all clinical content.

    Apollo offers customers a

    Comprehensive Enterprise Imaging Technology Suite


    • A partner that has built their enterprise imaging strategy from the clinical department up.
    • A EI solution that is proven in 45 unique specialty specific departments across 40 plus major health systems
    • Is PHI, Security and Chain of Custody compliant (SCAN/SANE)
    • Supports Behavioral Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
    • Support for unstructured data
    • Key imaging trending over time
    • Measure, annotate, report, notes & dictation
    • Digital Pathology support: store and view Whole Slide Imaging
    • Orders-based, encounters-based workflow and clinical integrated workflow at the device level for DICOM and non-DICOM
    • A partner that has integrated to over 125 non-DICOM based devices


    • Full support for AI based antivirus and security monitoring
    • Topology discovery and visualization
    • Network utilization tools
    • Net flow analysis
    • Predictive analytics
    • Advanced root cause analysis
    • URL web application transaction monitoring
    • SLA management
    • Security
    • Advanced encryption technology including data at presentation
    • Encrypted data during transmission
    • DB encryption and privileged accounts

    See how we are [re]defining the capabilities of the VNA — Stop by our Booth 1457 at HIMSS in Las Vegas!

    Going to be at HIMSS? Set up a 15-minute meeting in our booth (Booth 1457 in Hall A) to see arcc in action. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Not attending HIMSS this year? Contact us to learn how arcc can enhance your Enterprise Imaging Strategy.

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