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    POCUS as a Revenue Stream

    How does your health system manage POCUS images?


    Traditionally POCUS imaging is conducted and reviewed, but not saved. POCUS and other encounter-based imaging can be documented using Apollo’s Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc. This enables correct imaging documentation creating a new revenue stream by allowing you to bill for POCUS procedures.

    We are excited to be in person at RSNA this Nov. 28 – Dec. 1. Meet up with us at RSNA in North Hall booth 6603 or contact us now for a 15-minute meeting to learn more!

    Apollo’s arcc® provides a new strategy for:

    • Managing POCUS imaging with an encounters-based workflow
    • Centralizing the images in the patient record
    • Improving documentation for reimbursement claims of the POCUS procedures

    Learn how arcc can streamline your POCUS image acquisition without disrupting patient care. Read more about the financial benefits realized by implementing an encounters-based workflow for POCUS. Read the news release to learn more.

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