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    Apollo releases arcc Upgrade Version

    arcc one patient one click

    Apollo Releases New Version of Enterprise Imaging Platform

    Apollo today announced that it has released the latest version of its enterprise imaging solution, arcc®. The Apollo Repository for Clinical Content, arcc v10.5, is an Enterprise Imaging platform which supports the entire health enterprise and combined with the EHR, completes the Comprehensive Health Record (CHR). Apollo provides fully integrated modules that can be used by every department/specialty in the health system. Apollo’s Enterprise Imaging portfolio enables clinicians to deliver positive care outcomes in a more efficient manner by centrally and securely managing clinical images and their associated metadata. Apollo allows a health system to reap all the benefits of an automated clinical multimedia management system with data security and the flexibility to keep processes that work and enhance or re-engineer those that do not. Read the full press release here.

    We continue to expand our capabilities in providing “One Patient – One Record” solutions. Our Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc, is built on the premise that a true Enterprise Imaging solution must not only address archiving but must also address clinical workflows. This release continues to enable our customers to effectively and securely streamline their point of care image workflows and integrate all patient images, regardless of the source.

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