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    One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is the scarcity of resources! From people to outdated technology, caregivers are increasingly being asked to do more with less. While this can be frustrating across the board, when it comes to patient care, it can mean the difference between life and death. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare provider burnout is high, and there is no one to backfill the positions being vacated.

    This is where technology must play a role in providing efficient care. Today, clinical systems must be able to drive multiple workflows. These workflows can range from capturing an image at the beside to supporting tumor board reviews. Apollo arcc enables the flow of images across the complete spectrum of care. Using our patient-centric approach to development, we provide a simplified solution that takes the stress out of the clinical imaging workflow. Now caregivers have ONE system that can capture, manage, and view all images from every ’Ology.

    arcc integrates with the EHR to provide single click access to all patient records and images. Having everything in one place enables quicker diagnosis and treatment. The modern lightweight, web-based technology is easy to manage, quick to deploy, and simple to adopt for numerous departmental and enterprise workflows and data types.

    Efficient workflows drive effective care. That is the Apollo Advantage. Visit our Booth 503 at the SIIM Annual Meeting June 9-11 to see arcc in action and how it can provide you with more efficient workflows.

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