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    WSI digital pathology solution

    Whole Slide Image Scanner – Solution to all Digital Pathology?

    Are you like many health systems and are looking to digitize your pathology images? Perhaps you’re either in the process or have purchased a whole slide scanner to digitize slides.

    • Does that truly digitize ALL imaging generated by your Pathology Department?
    • Whole slide scanners are great for one workflow, but what are you doing for the remaining 20+ workflows within pathology? 
    • How impactful would it be to have the ability to connect all pathology images to your LIS and EHR?

    Meet with us during DPA’s Pathology Visions in a few weeks – October 17-18 – to see our solution in person and talk to us about your pathology workflow pain points. Let us show you how Apollo can help finish what you’ve started in digital pathology!

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