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    arcc v10.7 Enhancements

    Apollo Releases Enhanced Comparison Workflow in Enterprise Imaging Platform arcc®

    We have released the latest version of our enterprise imaging solution, arcc. This latest version upgrades the existing comparison tile view to provide a fully functional accession comparison view workflow in the arccClinicalmodule.

    The Apollo Repository for Clinical Content, arcc v10.7, now features an enhanced side by side comparison view workflow mode, enabling clinicians to quickly and easily compare patient clinical images from two accessions/orders, each with an independent image timeline. Users can filter and sort by image metadata to narrow the image data sets to the pertinent images/accessions. In addition, users can now customize the image metadata that is displayed with the clinical images.

    Contact us to learn more and receive a demo of these new features in arcc and learn how this can help you create efficient workflows to drive effective care.

    arccClinical Compare Mode
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