what makes your enterprise imaging strategy effective?

What makes your
Enterprise Imaging strategy effective? See the Possibilities Together with

An effective Enterprise
Imaging strategy is paramount to healthcare. We all know how important it is to
manage disparate clinical data, storage silos, and departmental workflows
effectively. There are many approaches and strategies. Apollo has one approach
that we think would be a sound way to harness and manage your imaging data to
minimize IT expenses and improve patient care in a cost-effective manner. We
believe an effective Enterprise Imaging strategy must:

  • Address the clinical workflow to
    acquire, view, edit, annotate, manage and store ANY image/video needed to treat
    and document a patient’s condition
  • Provide the ability to automatically
    associate important metadata with unstructured clinical content, i.e. non-DICOM
    imaging such as photographs or video
  • Identify common capabilities that can
    be centrally managed across all specialties
  • Be vendor neutral, support
    centralized archiving and hardware agnostic
  • Integrate disparate departmental
    imaging strategies into a single unified enterprise imaging approach
  • Include clinical workflows for each
    type of clinical content that maximize clinician productivity.
  • Be maximized for adaptability and
    able to preserve legacy investments
  • Include EMR integration

Of these, how many apply
to your organization’s enterprise imaging strategy? Which of these does your
current strategy address? What other issues is your strategy addressing?

invite you to visit us in Booth 8113 at
RSNA in Chicago and learn how our customers have addressed enterprise
imaging with Apollo arcc®. Set
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