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    the explosion of mobile devices in todays medical World

    The explosion of mobile devices in today’s medical practices creates a great opportunity to
    improve healthcare but presents a new threat to patient privacy, security and
    safety. All it takes is one unsecured mobile device to put an enterprise at

    Mark Newburger, Apollo CEO

    Apollo’s Tom Campbell will participate as an #AskIndustry Session panelist at SIIM on Thursday, May 31.

    Apollo’s CSO Tom Campbell will participate as a panelist in
    the SIIM #AskIndustry Panel Session: Mobile Multimedia and Information Capture
    Across the Enterprise on Thursday, May 31, at 11am during the 2018 SIIM Annual
    Meeting. Enterprise Imaging comes in a variety of formats from myriad of
    devices. Multimedia capture (images/video) using mobile devices is happening in
    every health organization; however, most of the multimedia datasets are not
    stored in any managed system, but shared peer-to-peer or saved on the device.
    Significant risks are associated with this type of ad hoc content capture and
    sharing. In this session, industry leaders will share their experiences trying
    to solve this growing problem. 

    Stop by the panel session or visit us in Booth 520 at SIIM
    next week.  Apollo’s experience provides
    valuable insight into device interoperability, clinical workflows for mobile
    image capture
    and security.

    Set up a 15-minute meeting at SIIM in our booth to see how
    Apollo’s enterprise imaging workflows can work for you. We look forward to
    seeing you there.

    Not attending SIIM this year? Contact us today to learn how
    to collaborate with Apollo for a successful Enterprise Imaging Strategy.

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