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    Apollo arcc Supports GI Workflows

    Apollo arcc supports Gi workflows

    March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Screenings are an important part of prevention and early detection.  Did you know that Apollo arcc supports several of our customers’ workflows in their Gastroenterology (GI) department? Using the solution helps clinicians streamline workflows and become more efficient. This means no more printing photographs to then scan back into the electronic health record.


    The electronic capture of photos and videos also provides images from procedures for patients to see with their results — Enabling doctors to consult with the patient quickly and provide visual information about their health condition. In addition, this enables a care group outside of the health system to be part of the patient care delivery network should they need access to the images. Captured images are stored as part of the patient record and can be used for reference against, or alongside, future images and procedures for disease tracking. In addition, anonymized images can be used for teaching residents who may not be in the endoscopy suite.

    The GI department at The Hospital for Sick Children realized savings when arcc (Apollo EPMM), installed in 2009, eliminated the need to print and scan imaging studies and manually enter them in patient files. More recently, Sharp HealthCare benefited by reducing costs and improving department efficiency using arcc.

    Now, Sharp uses our image capture workflow component arccCapture with arccClinical in the GI department in their endoscopy units. This combination streamlines their workflow to collect images that they use in reports and to consult with the patients about their health. arccCapture is installed on a workstation in an endoscopy room. The nurse is at the workstation capturing images at the instruction of the doctor as they perform the endoscopy procedure.  A future goal is to have the ability to save the entire video procedure. This will provide risk mitigation for the health system to have the full procedure recorded. Learn more about arcc and contact us for a virtual demo. 

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