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    enterprise imaging is more than just a buzzword

    Enterprise Imaging is more than just a
     buzzword – it is integral to the success of every healthcare organization.
     Enterprise imaging is a holistic approach to centrally managing all of a health system’s patient data, not just structured,  DICOM-based imaging patient data. It’s the power to manage and give structure to the unstructured patient data that makes up 80% of the data your health system collects and stores.

    Capturing and managing Enterprise Imaging (EI) content and associating it to the right patient is challenging enough. Many types of EI content require critical metadata about the content, the method used to capture it, the reason for collecting it, the anatomical regions imaged, and other data to be stored. Not all clinical areas share the same metadata needs, so how to best manage this to allow discovery and access, as well as presentation of EI content? 

    Visit us at SIIM and be sure to join this discussion about Capturing the Relevant Metadata for Enterprise Imaging (EI) Across Various Service Lines with Jim Conyers, Apollo CPO, at the SIIM #AskIndustry session on Friday, June 28th at 11:30 AM MT!

    to be at SIIM in Denver? Set up a 15-minute
    our booth (#411) to chat with our Enterprise
    Imaging consultants about how you currently manage your unstructured data.
    We look forward to seeing you there.
    Not attending SIIM this year? Contact us to learn how arcc can help manage all your unstructured clinical
    data and images securely and appropriately.

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