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    do you use clinical images during patient care?

    Do you use clinical images during patient
    Taking patient photographs at the point of
    care and ensuring they easily and securely become part of the patient record is
    paramount to clinical collaboration and improving patient outcomes. It is
    also crucial when it comes to managing unstructured data.

    • Did you know that over 70% of the clinical data in a health system is unstructured and, at times, siloed and inaccessible?
    • How does your department handle all of these patient images?
    • How is your own workflow to take, review, share,
      and store your patient clinical images working for you?

    We invite you to visit us
    in Booth 2969 at HIMSS in Orlando and learn
    how our customers have addressed their clinical imaging workflow issues
    with Apollo arcc® and understand additional capabilities and
    workflows to manage your unstructured data.  Set up a 15-minute
     in our booth to see arcc in action. We look forward to seeing you there.
    Not attending HIMSS
    this year? Contact us to learn how arcc can
    enhance your Enterprise Imaging strategy.

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