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    Apollo Mobile v2.0 Now Available for Download

    Apollo Mobile v2.0 is now available for download at the app stores!

    Apollo Mobile™ is the app that enables a healthcare clinician to capture patient clinical multimedia (photos, video, or audio) securely with a full audit trail and within the regulatory requirements for patient privacy including HIPAA. Images are automatically uploaded to the secure clinical multimedia web service provided by the healthcare software solution Apollo EPMM® (Enterprise Patient Multimedia Manager). The objects, which are stored in a secure area on the device, are then automatically deleted off the phone once uploaded.

    Download the iOS version on your mobile device via the Apple App Store or get the Android version from Google Play.

    While the user does not need to purchase a license for Apollo EPMM to utilize Apollo Mobile, they must have a user name and password along with the appropriate Apollo EPMM web address provided to them by an Apollo licensee. Apollo licensees are typically hospitals, physician practices or other healthcare service providers that utilize Apollo EPMM within an IT infrastructure for their healthcare practice.

    There are many use cases which can benefit both clinician and patient by using Apollo Mobile. Some example users of Apollo Mobile are Wound Care nurses, ED Physicians, and Dermatologists. Other physicians and clinicians throughout the healthcare enterprise may find use cases that benefit them greatly throughout their work day.

    Want to see Apollo Mobile in action? Contact us today to learn about the mobile app.

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