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    Apollo Mobile™ Now Available

    Press Release

    Apollo Launches Secure Mobile Clinical Multimedia Capture App

    Falls Church, VA – November 3, 2014 – Apollo, the leading provider of clinical multimedia management solutions, today announced that it has launched its mobile app for Apollo EPMM® (Enterprise Patient Multimedia Manager).  Healthcare professionals can use Apollo Mobile to capture pictures, video, and audio securely from a smart phone or tablet.  This enables safe and secure viewing and management of patient clinical multimedia while securely and easily incorporating it into the patient medical record via Apollo EPMM.

    “The reality is that your employees are using their mobile devices to capture patient information. This is happening everywhere, regardless of institutional policy, because it makes the clinician’s job easier. Apollo Mobile provides a secure and safe method to use these mobile devices on site,” said Mark Newburger, Apollo CEO. “Apollo Mobile is easy to use and enables the healthcare enterprise to have a strong, secure, and accepted BYOD policy while your staff continues to work effectively and efficiently.“


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