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    Apollo Launches New Website

    Apollo Launches New Website


    Falls Church, VA – January 15, 2014 – Apollo, the leading provider of clinical multimedia management solutions, today announced that it has launched a new website version at www.apollopacs.com and www.apolloepmm.com.

    The site now features a new, brief video that succinctly presents the benefits of Apollo EPMM®, Apollo’s premier solution for managing clinical multimedia across the healthcare enterprise.  The updates also include a new look and feel with fresh content and ease of navigation.

    About Apollo

    Apollo has been a leader in providing healthcare enterprises with quality digital imaging and multimedia solutions since 1993. Apollo EPMM is the only proven enterprise solution that enables all providers to collaborate for the benefit of the patient by providing a 360-degree view of patients’ clinical multimedia and health data. Using the provider’s own best practices more efficiently, Apollo EPMM brings the ability to collaborate with clinical multimedia across the entire provider team in a cost-effective, flexible, compliant and secure environment. The result is a more integrated clinical team and improved patient outcomes at a lower cost. While others promise easy, secure, specialty-specific access throughout the enterprise, Apollo delivers this today at marquee institutions throughout the United States and Canada.  For more information visit www.apollopacs.com and follow us on Twitter.

    Full press release in pdf form.

    Apollo Launches New Website and Video

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