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    Apollo eBook Multidisciplinary Approach

    New Apollo eBook Explores Multidisciplinary Patient-Centric Approach to Enterprise Imaging

    The term “Enterprise Imaging” is defined differently by many healthcare IT vendors. No matter what clinical department or specialty you work in, your health system’s Enterprise Imaging strategy can impact your daily workflow.

    This comprehensive eBook introduces a paradigm shift in enterprise imaging, explaining how a multidisciplinary, patient-centric approach ensures improved patient outcomes, thinking beyond the radiology workflow to reflect both the workflows of other specialties and medical encounters.

    Unveiling a patient-centric approach, the eBook explores how implementing a multidisciplinary medical imaging platform:

    • Enhances collaboration
    • Improves patient outcomes
    • Establishes a comprehensive patient profile across all medical specialties

    Read the press release here.

    Download and read the eBook to learn more about this innovative approach.

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