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    Think Outside the DICOM Podcast Episode #2

    What does the title of our podcast, “Think Outside the DICOM” mean? In Apollo’s episode #2, “Defining Think Outside the DICOM,” our Product Director Tom Coppa and CRO Kevin Stinson explain what it means to us. And, they discuss a few ideas about why you should “think outside the DICOM.” 

    A few sneak peaks:

    • There’s more to patient imaging than just radiology and cardiology images such as xrays, MRIs, EKGs. There are many “visible light” images taken of patients that need to be stored, managed, accessed and shared as part of the patient care process.
    • Clinicians and hospital IT staff also have to “think outside the DICOM” with the workflow process – there is not always an order telling the clinician what images to take – POC image capture is important too.

    Want to know more?  Check out Episode 2: Defining Think Outside the DICOM and see what you think. What issues about viewing, accessing and managing clinical images are important to you?

    Then contact us so we can continue this conversation and provide you with a demo to show you how your organization can create efficient workflows that drive effective care.

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