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    Apollo’s Roots in Digital Pathology

    Apollo's Roots in Digital Pathology

    This post focuses on our roots. Digital Pathology (DP) is nothing new, and Apollo has been providing solutions for pathology imaging workflows since before 2006. But right now, DP is having “a moment.”  With the emergence of Whole Slide Imaging, Pathologists can read a slide from a computer screen vs. looking through the lens of a microscope. Once a slide is digitized, it can be sent out for second opinions, added to the patient record in the EHR and archived for future use (teaching files, future treatment, and tumor boards). All adding clinical workflow efficiency and speeding diagnosis.  

    digital pathology
    Here is the challenge: Whole Slide Scanning technology only addresses one sub-specialty within the Pathology department. There are many more workflows that are being ignored, which creates in the Pathology department, the same problems that are being created across the Healthcare Enterprise. These include siloed images which are not shared for treatment use nor stored securely to protect PHI.  Apollo originally built our solution, arcc®, to capture and view images from all Pathology sub-specialties including Gross Imaging, Electron Microscopy, Forensic Pathology, Cytopathology, etc.  Being able to digitally capture, view and archive all the images from the Pathology department improves patient care by enabling clinicians to view the complete patient history and make informed care decisions. Additionally, all the advantages of having a digitized slide are repeated within Pathology no matter the image type or what sub-specialty creates it. The end result is that arcc enables the collaboration and sharing of medical images and clinical media among other specialties involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  Contact us to see how you can benefit and have a virtual demo. Apollo was awarded a Digital Pathology Solution Agreement with Premier, Inc. If you are a Premier member, please contact us at sales@apolloei.com to learn more about the contracting process.
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