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    arccVault™ secure, cost-effective, cloud storage

    Store your medical imaging, other clinical multimedia, and related information on secure, cost-effective, cloud storage hosted by Apollo on AWS. arccVault™ will enable Apollo customers to store and retrieve cloud-hosted clinical imaging via Apollo’s on-premises enterprise imaging solution, arcc®.  The speed of access and flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-go AWS storage enables health systems to:

    • provide efficient workflows that drive effective care
    • speed access to medical imaging
    • provide cost-saving, cloud-hosted storage

    The Apollo Repository for Clinical Content, arcc, is built for Enterprise Imaging while at the same time recognizing the needs of individual departments. arcc employs Organizational Units (OU), which allows for clinical workflows and storage locations that are individual to departments across the healthcare system. This means that health systems can assign active or deep-archive storage locations to secure, cost-effective AWS storage while supporting on-premise imaging acquisition and viewing.

    Speed access to medical imaging with arccVault S3 storage.  Make it easy to store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale. Designed for fast, sub-second medical image retrieval in your clinical workflows that you can access securely from anywhere (e.g., web, desktop, phone) and with high availability

    Secured Access with Organizational Units to provide workflows depending on the needs of the departments

    Any Image, no matter what format, DICOM and non-DICOM, tied to the patient’s record in the EHR

    arccVault is estimated to help providers reduce total cost of imaging storage. This is achieved by running imaging applications from a single encrypted copy of imaging data in the cloud with normalized metadata and advanced compression.

    Apollo arccVault can enable cloud storage  while supporting on-premise image acquisition and viewing. Scale storage as needed and as you expand from specialty to specialty.

    arccVault architecture

    Apollo is an AWS Partner Network (APN) member. AWS brings easily scalable benefits in cost-saving hosting, storage, and security technologies.

    Apollo currently uses more than half a dozen AWS products and services, including EC2, S3, and most recently Amazon HealthLake Imaging. Leveraging these, Apollo is helping healthcare organizations unlock siloed data, achieve interoperability, and enable authorized user access from anywhere and on any device to fulfill their enterprise imaging strategies.

    We are excited to use the breadth and depth of AWS services and infrastructure to offer this hybrid architecture for medical imaging storage. This bridge into the cloud simplifies our customers’ requirements to move Apollo’s Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc, from on-premises environments to the cloud.

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