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    Apollo KMHA Partnership

    Apollo and KMHA Partner for Enterprise-Wide Clinical Workflow Solution

    Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas (KMHA) announced today a strategic partnership with Apollo to offer a full enterprise-wide, multi-specialty clinical workflow solution augmenting the proven Exa® Platform, an integrated PACS, RIS and Billing solution with a single database across all modules. Exa Platform customers will now benefit from interoperability and connectivity enabling every clinical department throughout the enterprise to securely acquire, manage, and access all clinical content through arcc.

    Read the full press release here. Contact us to learn more and how this interoperability combination will benefit your healthcare organization.

    KMHA Apollo partner

    Konica Minolta and Apollo are collaborating with AWS for the cloud-based integration of the Exa Platform and arcc with AWS HealthImaging (AHI). Utilizing AWS’ AHI services allows Konica Minolta and Apollo to focus on delivering production workflow software and clinical functionality for imaging customers with AHI managing the infrastructure, including Platform as a Service (PaaS).Customers gain advantages from the expanded depth of a comprehensive solution.

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