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    Apollo at ONC Consumer Health IT Summit

    By Pat Moran

    This past week, I represented Apollo at the 4th Annual Consumer Health IT Summit hosted by the Office of the National Coordinator.

    Mark Heaney’s, CEO of Get Real Health, discussion was the highlight of the gathering. Addressing attendees in a fire side chat-style discussion, Haney emphasized the importance of utilizing smart phones in patient care. He went on to express concern over the many healthcare IT vendors who are still struggling to address workflow concerns, despite the ever-increasing technical capabilities that are available through their mobile devices.

    This statement echoes many of the concerns that Apollo leadership has heard from healthcare providers. But rather than acquiesce to the slow pace of industry development, Apollo launched the Apollo Mobile App for both Android and iOS platforms. Apollo Mobile makes capturing and sharing audio, video, and images fast and secure. True to Apollo’s priorities in keeping workflow central to its solutions,  physicians and clinicians are now able to securely record and share pictures, audio, and documents without assuming the enormous risks that come with sharing sensitive health information through unencrypted email or via text message. What had been the most invasive capture device, the smart phone, can now be a tool to empower clinicians and physicians to do their work more securely and efficiently through the Apollo App.

    As a healthcare consumer, the fact that so many vendors are behind in offering this type of technology is a bit frustrating. Though, it is exciting to know that companies like Apollo, the leader in the field of clinical multimedia, are not content with unanswered security and workflow concerns. When Apollo’s leaders recognized this gap, they acted upon it.


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